Footwear and Toenail Fungus

Footwear is a very important factor in not only our feet’s health but our body’s health as well. What shoes you wear can cause problems from the bones in your feet to the bones of your spine! Consequences of ill-fitting shoe wear can result in severe complications. This is because shoes are essential to providing muscular and skeletal support for your body. If you are always standing on your feet for your job or in general, be sure to always choose footwear that will provide your feet with an arch and strong support to avoid problems that can lead to pain and damage to your back, feet, or legs. 

Shoes also protect your feet from developing circulation problems, calluses, and fungus! Along with shoes, you should also wear socks, if they keep your feet dry- even better! This is because shoes are dark and moist environments that hold colonies of bacteria. If your shoes are too tight your feet have no room to breathe as the walls of your shoes are applying pressure to your feet. From these points of pressure, nail fungus can use this added tension to develop nail fungus. If you have a bunion, suffer from hammertoes, or have callouses your chances of infection are even greater. 

Prevent a nail fungus problem beginning by getting to the bottom of your feet, and examining your footwear. Always pick out shoes that give your feet room to sit in comfortably. If you know your feet sweat a lot, try out socks meant to soak up sweat and keep your feet dry. Athletic socks are designed to do this since athletes sweat more doing their sport or exercise. However. when your shoes and socks off it is still important to be taking care of your feet too. Learn more about athletes and preventing nail fungus from our helpful blog post here.

If you have toenail fungus, contact us to schedule a free consultation and have it taken care of by one of our licensed podiatrists.

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