Once you have successfully treated your nail fungus, it is important to take steps to prevent nail fungus from returning. To do this, you should take the normal steps of maintaining good personal hygiene. Do not stay barefoot in public places, making sure to wear flip-flops at pools, locker rooms, and public showers. Also remember to properly dry your feet after washing them, so you are not walking around or going to bed with wet feet. However, these are steps that each individual should be taking. If you have already gotten nail fungus, this means that you have had exposure to it and are prone to getting nail fungus. So, there are certain steps you should take to prevent nail fungus from returning after your treatment. 

Immediately after treatment, you should disinfect everything in your home that the fungus may have come into contact with. This means washing your shoes and socks, bedsheets, and towels. You should also throw away any nail tools or nail polish that you previously used. If you had fungus on your fingernails, you should disinfect your phone and computer too. 

Besides this, you should always follow the post-treatment instructions that the doctor gives you and regularly apply any products or medicine that the doctor recommends. Usually, they will recommend an antifungal cream and nail lacquer. The antifungal cream should be applied to the nail and surrounding skin to kill any fungal spores that you may come into contact with. The nail lacquer is applied like a nail polish and not only kills fungus, but also acts as a barrier to any fungus in the environment. Additionally, you may also be recommended to use an antifungal spray to spray in your shoes if your fungus is on your toenails. 

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