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Laser Nail Therapy offers Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Encino, and Northridge. We understand that living in a warm climate it’s tempting to wear sandals or even walk barefoot. Unfortunately, walking barefoot in public places may put you at risk of contracting a toenail fungus infection.

Toenail fungus affects about 15% of our population. And as you age the likelihood of getting toenail fungus increases. This is due to the fact that as you age, your immune system will weaken and have a harder time fighting off new infections.

How Fungus Works

Fungus more commonly infects toenails rather than fingernails. This is due to the kind of environment that fungus thrives in. Dark, moist, and warm areas are the best for fungus to live in and multiply. Feet in sweaty shoes for a long period of time give fungus the opportunity to thrive. Once the infection starts, it may first appear just as slight discoloration. Then it may progress to weaken the nails and make them very brittle. Over time, the fungus may cause pain. This usually happens when the nails become very thick, extremely hard to trim and cause pain when wearing shoes.

Toenail fungus gets ignored in many people until the infection becomes very severe. This is common in older people because they usually have many other medical issues that overshadow this issue. But according to our doctors, this should not be the case. As the infection gets more severe it may become more difficult to treat it. Don’t let toenail fungus control the way you live. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our doctor to get rid of your infection.

Fungal Nails Specialist in Los Angeles, CA

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Why Choose Laser Nail Therapy

Laser Nail Therapy doctors are all board-certified foot specialists trained in all areas of the foot and ankle and specifically laser treatments for toenail fungus.

If you have caught toenail fungus, it can be easily treated using one of our FDA-approved PinPointe lasers, which typically only takes on treatment. Other treatments like topical solutions and oral medication are not as effective. Topical solutions have an extremely low cure rate. This is because the solution does not penetrate all the way through the nail bed.  This is because it can lead to liver toxicity. You would need to have consistent blood tests throughout the course of taking the medication. 

Our nail doctor in Los Angeles, CA recommends this treatment for toenail fungus. The PinPointe Laser treatment has the highest cure rate in the market. It has no side effects and no recovery period. As a result, you can go about your daily activities right after the treatment. Also, there’s no pain.

Choose Laser Treatment for Toenail fungus

If you have any signs of nail fungus, call us at 800-672-0625 at our Los Angeles, CA location, or visit our website for more information on our doctors at one of our over 150 locations.