Treatment for Nail Fungus in San Francisco

Treatment for nail fungus in San Francisco, CA can be difficult to find. Toenail fungus, medically known as Onychomycosis, is an infection. An infected nail starts as a white or yellow spot. Then it will continue to spread through the nail. Also, to the other nails if not treated. If you live in San Francisco you know how difficult it is to find any medical professional due to lack of reviews.

Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Nails are made up of multiple layers of a protein called keratin. The fungus that infects the nail can be tough to get rid of because it can get in between those layers. And because your nails become brittle due to the fungus infection, your nails could crack, making more space for the fungus to live in.

Why is it hard to treat?

Besides the structure of the nail, the fungus can be very resilient. They thrive in dark, damp environments like inside your shoes. It can live without sunlight and rarely goes away on its own. They spread easily and feed on keratin(which is what nails are made of).

Nail fungus infects the nail and spreads fast. Treatment is doable. Although, you must make sure that you do all the necessary precautions so that you won’t get reinfected. Treatments for toenail fungus such as oral medication and topical creams, although very common, have dangerous side effects. Other options that are readily available are topical treatments such as antifungal creams or solutions.

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

As you can see, tips for healthy feet without nail fungus can be easy to find. If you have caught nail fungus, it can be easily treated using the FDA-approved PinPointe laser. It typically only takes on treatment. Other treatments like topical solutions and oral medication are not as effective. Topical solutions have a very low cure rate. This is because the solution does not penetrate all the way through the nail bed.  This is because it can lead to liver toxicity. You would need to have consistent blood tests throughout the course of taking the medication.

Treatment for Nail Fungus

Our nail doctor in San Francisco, CA recommends this treatment for toenail fungus. The PinPointe Laser treatment has the highest cure rate in the market. It has no side effects and no recovery period. As a result, you can go about your daily activities right after the treatment. Also, there’s no pain. If you have any signs of nail fungus, call us at (800) 672-0625 our San Francisco, CA location. Visit our website for more information on our doctors at one of our over 150 locations.

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