Toenails fungus occurs in many different circumstances, the main question that a lot asks is how did I get it? Fungus is located not on the nail itself but under the nail to wear the nail bed is located. Toenail does not appear overnight, you see the effects of the fungus overtime. Fungus enjoy environments that are warm, moist environments, these environments can cause them to naturally overpopulate. These same environments also can cause jock itch, athlete’s foot, and ringworm can cause nail infections. Another way of containing toenail fungus is if you come into contact with someone that already has toenail fungus because it can also be thru contact. 

Many ask if toenail fungus is common in ages other than 60 years old. The average age that many can get toenail fungus 65 or older, but that does not stop anyone else from getting toenail fungus. Here are people that are more at risk for contracting toenail fungus diabetics, poor circulation, wearing artificial nails, swimming in a public pool, having a nail injury ,a skin injury around the nail, having moist fingers or toes for an extended time , a weakened immune system and wear closed-toe shoes.

Nail infections are more common as well in men than women. As well for older ages it’s harder because the nails tend to grow slower compared to someone that is younger. If you’re unsure that you have toenail fungus, it’s best to go to a podiatrist and get a free consultation. There are many different types of treatment but the treatment with the best results is the laser treatment using the pinpointe laser. It typically requires one treatment while other lasers require four or more treatments. There is no pain to the treatment and you can resume your daily activity after getting it done. 

If you have already gotten infected in one of the above ways, you can easily get treated using the FDA-approved PinPointe laser, by calling us to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors at one of our over 120 locations.