Toenail fungus happens to many people either involving toenails and in some cases fingernails. At any age someone can obtain toenail fungus, the most common age of people getting toenail fungus is people over the ages of 65. Toenail fungus is when toenails start to become discolored, thick and break easily. It’s more common for the infection to occur on toenails than on fingernails. The medical term for toenail fungus is “onychomycosis”.  Toenail fungus is not painful unless the condition worsens, as well the infection can reach to the skin which eventually becomes the athlete’s foot. Here are the reasons why toenail fungus occurs.

The biggest reason why people over the age of 65 get toenails is because older adults have more nails dry out as we age, which leads to cracks within the nail. These cracks make it easier for a fungal infection to get inside the nail. Toenail fungus occurs in very moist and dark places, for example when people wear shoes but don’t wear socks. This allows the toenails to be developed, toenail is not shown right away but overtime. Since it’s more common in older adults, it also means that it takes time to see results because the nail grows slower than average. 

There are many ways to prevent toenails fungus and here are ways how. Try keeping your hands and feet clean. Clip your toenails to be short and always maintain them clean. Wear sandals in places like public showers and locker rooms, try not to be barefoot in these areas. Don’t share any instruments that are to be used for your nails, that can increase chances of an infection.The best treatment is the laser treatment for toenail fungus using the Pinpointe laser. It only requires one treatment, while other lasers require 4 or more treatments.Its FDA approved and there is no harm in getting the treatment . Schedule your free consultation and see results within 6 to 9 months.