Toenail fungus is when a fungi begins to develop underneath the nail to where the nail bedding is. A lot of toenail fungus occurs because they are made in these environments where there is a lot of moisture and darkness. Toenail fungus occurs commonly in closed moist conditions and where it is really dark. Toenail fungus can occur to anyone, the most common ages that people get toenail fungus are over the ages of 65. The reason for that is because the older you get the longer it takes for your nails to grow out.  The main question is why are athletes more susceptible to getting toenail fungus. 

Athletes wear closed toed shoes for many hours in the day, due to practice or when they have a competition. Since they have shoes for long periods of time creates moisture that’s what allows fungus to develop in athletes. Swimmers are more at risk for toenail fungus because they tend to shower in public places and that can be an issue for toenail fungus. When taking a shower in public areas, it is important to wear shower sandals because a lot of people shower in these public places. As well they are more at risk for containing athletes foot, which affects the skin of the feet and itching occurs.

The best way as an athlete to not get toenail fungus is by maintaining your nails by trimming them and taking care of them properly. Try not to use old running shoes for a long period of time, try to use new shoes. If you develop toenail fungus, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist and see the severity of your toenail fungus. The pinpointe laser is the best treatment to cure toenail fungus, it has the highest cure rate and its FDA approved.