Do nail salons treat toenail fungus? Nail salons are one of the most common places to catch a toenail fungus. So many people walk the areas without wearing shoes. The surfaces of salons are known to carry fungus on them. Additionally, the surfaces of nail tools used by nail technicians can be breeding grounds for toenail fungus. These infections commonly originate in salons. If you caught one there you may be wondering if they can provide treatment as well.

Nail Salons

These offices are not properly equipped to treat fungus. Going to one attempting to get your fungus treated will be disappointing. First of all, nail technicians aren’t licensed to treat medical conditions of the foot. Professionals are great at cosmetically improving healthy nails. Although, any medical issues with the foot should not be treated at a nail salon. The people working there simply do not have the expertise needed to provide care for an infection like toenail fungus.

In fact, going to a nail salon with an infection is risking other visitors at the salon. Any nail salon that claims to treat nail fungus is out of its depth. Also, visit with caution, even for manicures or pedicures. Nail salons do not treat toenail fungus.

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Laser Treatment

In addition to lacking the personnel needed for toenail fungus treatment, nail salons also lack the proper equipment! Toenail fungus removal comes in many forms, but the most effective is the PinPointe laser, which no nail salons have. Our nail doctor in Los Angeles, CA recommends this PinPointe Laser treatment. This treatment is FDA approved to treat the fungus in just one session with no side effects or downtime. As a result, you can go about your daily activities right after the treatment.

This treatment has the highest cure rate in the market. Also, it is not painful. In comparison to whatever techniques a nail technician would use, this is a much safer and effective option. This treatment is also done by licensed podiatrists; to schedule a consultation with a licensed podiatrist for the PinPointe laser treatment, give us a call at 1-(800) 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.

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