168 Clinics- Same Safe Toenail Fungus Treatment

“Toenail fungus treatment with laser works! Amazing experience!!! In contrast to another podiatrist who spent 10 minutes one time on my nails which was unsuccessful. The doctor spent over an hour treating not only the obviously infected nails, but all of them to prevent recurrence and spread. Also not only lasered the nails, but planned a thorough regimen with topical medicines, shoe spray to treat a very difficult persistent problem. I am a physician and could not have been more impressed.”
Jonathan E., Washington D.C.

“Toenail fungus laser is amazing! The Dr was very informative and the procedure is absolutely pain free. Highly Recommend. Don’t delay. Should have done this years ago.”
Nuage M., Surprise, AZ

“One treatment! Cured! Highly recommend”
Shelly J., San Antonio, TX

“Dr.V is an amazing doctor !! So happy to know that there’s a treatment for my toe nails . Seeing great results already!! I will highly recommend anyone looking to improve their nails to give him a visit.”
Alberto F., Dallas, TX

“Toenail fungus laser treatment worked great for me would highly recommend.”
Lauren B., Dallas, TX

“Lora was very patient , kind, funny and professional. Recommend to anyone. Thank you Lora”
Edwin S., Los Angeles, CA

“Podiatrist is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They made things easy and painless. What more could one ask for? Highly recommend it.”
Eyal D., Los Angeles, CA

“I called their 800 number and was given an appointment without any problem. Their staff was very helpful in answering all of my questions or concerns before and after my appointment.”
San Diego, CA

Podiatrist Dr. Michael Bilinksy was professional and was informative about the procedure for my nail fungus along with what I should use to prevent future nail fungus.
“I would highly recommend the Laser Nail Therapy.”
Marcia W.

“I don’t know why I waited so long to have my hideous nail lasered! Dr. Bilinsky was very thorough in his examination of my feet and explained everything I was thinking about asking. It was a very informative visit yet straight to the point.”
Alicia Y Mario S., San Diego, CA

“I had a great experience with Dr. Bilinsky the other day. He was very thorough, friendly, and made sure to answer all my questions regarding the laser treatment. I felt very comfortable in the clinic and the procedure was not painful at all. I highly recommend Dr. Bilinsky for your nail fungus removal needs.”
Alex M., San Diego, CA

“Dr. Michael Bilinsky provided a full examination of my feet and was very informative. He explained what habits cause fungus to breed and things I can do to prevent it from returning. Was good at explaining how to perform the follow up care. He was very gentle and I didn’t feel any pain or burning. Dr. Bilinsky was very professional. Recommend one request Dr. Bilinsky when making appointment.”
Edward W., San Diego, CA

“I had toenail foot fungus that would not vanish despite multiple trips to another podiatrist. I then thought I would try the Laser Nail Therapy.”
San Jose, CA

The podiatrist Laser Nail Therapy performed such fantastic, conscientious, and thorough treatments that I was amazed and completely satisfied. Moreover, he gave me excellent advice and tips on how to avoid the recurrence of future toenail fungus and have healthy looking toes. I wholeheartedly endorse the Dr. and the Laser Nail Therapy Clinic located in Los Gatos, CA!”
Ed M., Los Gatos, CA