“Toenail fungus is gone! Got a quick appointment, exact time so I have to give extra bonus on service. Did the treatment and worked great. It has been a long time since they looked this good. Ready for summer.”
A B., Pasadena, CA

“Professional doctor, explained the treatment properly, gave advice for care and follow up. Very much recommended.”
Raul D., Austin, TX

“The podiatrist doctor was very patient and explained every aspect of the procedure. He answered all my questions and told me exactly what I needed to do in order to meet my expectations. So far, I am very happy with the end results !”
Joni R., San Jose, CA

“Went well. The podiatrist was quite thorough. Be patient. It takes a while for results to show.”
Ray H., San Diego, CA

“Dr. was very professional and informative, and I felt valued as a patient. If I were to need other podiatry care, I would try to return for care with her.”
Richard C., San Jose, CA

“Great service! The doctor was caring and wonderful. I highly recommend this Clinic.”
Ray B., Austin, TX

“Had a great visit with the Doctor who took awesome care of me.”
Michael W., San Jose, CA

“The doctor treated the nail fungus and was very professional and friendly. Gave me clear instructions on how to care for the nail while it grows back and preventative techniques from catching the fungus again. Very glad I decided to get the treatment.”
Kevin R., Tustin, CA

“I got exactly what I expected plus a lot of expert advice regarding cause, followup, etc.”
Karyl D. San Antonio, TX

“Thank you VERY much for our successful treatment – Recommend A+++++”
Michaell K.

“It was quick, easy and I am already starting to see results (2weeks).”
Joshua M. San Diego, CA

“Very thorough evaluation, treatment and plan. Extremely happy to have found this business and am hopeful I’ll finally make some progress with this chronic problem.”
Ann S., Tustin, CA

“The podiatrist that treated me, Dr. Dasga, was really good; knowledgeable, up-to-date, empathetic. I will definitely return to him for any future foot probs.”
Daniel H., San Jose, CA

“The doctor who did the laser was extremely nice and professional. I would definitely recommend it”
Valerie M., San Jose, CA

“They showed good customer support and the Podiatrist who provided the Laser Therapy was quite good.”
Morgan E., San Francisco, CA

“Very pleasant and professional; quite a nice experience considering the nature of the service.”
Ginny J., San Francisco, CA

“The podiatrist was very thorough and detail oriented. I appreciated his knowledge and experience. He was careful not to let too much heat build up in the laser nail process.”
Alan W., San Jose, CA

“Very knowledgeable and informative. Very experienced and allowed me to feel at ease. Great conversationalist which kept me distracted from the procedure.”
Los Angeles, CA

“I recommended Dr Vannucchi and his staff!!!”
Massage Bliss & Cryo, Dallas, TX