This post will go over what it means to have toenail fungus during pregnancy. We will also go over the signs of toenail fungus and the best treatment options. It is important to not scare yourself and stay calm during this process. Doing a simple google search with your symptoms can sometimes be extremely scary.

If you are pregnant and have nail fungus, treatment can begin during your term of pregnancy. However, it is important to pick the best treatment method to not harm you nor the baby.

How to know if you have toenail fungus?

Check for the following symptoms:

  • discoloration of the nail (yellow/brown)
  • hard and thick nail
  • brittle, white nail
  • the cheese-like smell coming from the nail
  • detachment of the nail from the nail bed

Treatment option 1: Topical medication

Topical medication can only go on top of the nail, it is not injected into the bloodstream. This treatment is deemed safe to use by pregnant women. The downside to topical medication for toenail fungus during pregnancy is that they offer a very low success rate. It typically shows less than a 5% success rate. And takes a lot of time to show any results. Most common topical medications include creams, sprays, and antifungal solutions. Since the treatment is not very effective to cure nail fungus our nail doctors recommend using topical medication as a preventative treatment. Normally it is bundled with another type of treatment and used to prevent reinfection.

toenail fungus during pregnancy

Treatment option 2:Oral Antifungal Medication 

Oral antifungals are only FDA-approved by animal testing for use during pregnancy. These results are not based on human studies. With this, they are then only category B approved by the FDA for nail fungus treatment for women who are pregnant. Pregnant or not, Oral antifungal medications put you at risk of liver damage. When taking these pills, you are recommended to have regular blood tests to check for liver toxicity. Since all the risks associated with taking oral medication are not clear we typically do not recommend this treatment option during pregnancy.

Laser Treatment: safest and most effective

Laser treatment for toenail fungus provides the best success rate for people with laser nail fungus. This treatment is safe not only for children, elders but also for women during pregnancy. At Laser Nail Therapy, we use the PinPointe Foot Laser which has a cure rate of 85%. This is the highest compared to all other treatment options for toenail fungus. Since the laser is a heat source that is applied to the top of the nail, it eradicates the fungal spores within and under the nail.  Laser Treatment for toenail fungus does not have any side effects. Though the heat might give off a tingly feeling during the treatment, it is safe for pregnant women. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our foot doctor in Austin, Tx.