Toenail fungus laser treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona can vary. It is important to know what treatment would work best for you. In our clinics, we have licensed podiatrists who will consult you and perform laser treatment with the Pinpointe Laser. They will provide all the necessary information regarding the toenail fungus infection and the laser treatment.

What is laser treatment for toenail fungus?

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is a non-invasive treatment to cure toenail fungus. It is an alternative treatment for toenail fungus. Typically, traditional treatments for toenail fungus are oral medications or topical solutions. It is far more effective than any other treatment for toenail fungus. Laser treatment for toenail fungus is beneficial. It offers long-lasting results for most patients who received laser treatment.

It is important to consult with a medical professional before getting any treatment done. In our clinics at Laser Nail Therapy, our podiatrists, who are foot doctors, will consult and ensure that the laser treatment is the right treatment option for you.

Where to get laser treatment?

If you are visiting the beautiful city of Scottsdale, you should definitely set up an appointment with our foot doctor if you have toenail fungus.

While visiting the Fashion Square in Scottsdale, you can swing by our office at 4921 E Bell Rd #205, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

What to do in Scottsdale

The city of Scottsdale is known for its upscale shopping and dining. There are 320 retail shops in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Fashion Square is a must if you are visiting this city. There are also more than 90 restaurants to pick from when dining out in Scottsdale. It is a popular and well-known luxury city to visit.

Another must-visit destination in Scottsdale is Old Town Scottsdale. It is among the most vibrant and unique urban downtown centers. There are many museums, restaurants, boutiques, and more. And there is also much to do at night as well. It is fairly easy to walk from place to place. You should definitely stop by Old Town to do some shopping and enjoy good food.

Toenail Fungus Common Symptoms

Some people might not know the common symptoms of a toenail fungus infection. People sometimes don’t even realize they have a toenail fungus infection. The symptoms of toenail fungus vary for each person but there are a few common ones that most people so experience.

The discoloration of the toenail is a very common symptom. For most people, it might begin in a small part of the nail and gradually infect the entire nail with time. Sometimes people experience a yellowing discoloration of the toenail. Others might experience white streaks or cloudiness on the nail. It is important to check your nails to see if you are experiencing discoloration.

Another common symptom is the thickening of the toenails. Many people experience their nails getting thicker. This can make it very uncomfortable to wear tight closed toed shoes. It also makes it difficult to trim and maintain your nails. It is important to keep your nails maintained so that the toenail fungus infection does not spread. Since it can be difficult to trim the nails down, they can also become brittle.

If you are experiencing any of these common symptoms, give us a call at (800) 672-0625 to set up a free consultation with one of our foot doctors in Scottsdale.

How effective is laser treatment for toenail fungus?

Laser treatment is the most effective treatment for toenail fungus. It is a non-invasive treatment that targets the fungus on your toenails. The cure rate of a laser can vary depending on what type of laser it is. In our clinics, our doctors use the Pinpointe Laser. It was FDA-approved in 2008 for toenail fungus treatments. It has a cure rate of eighty-five percent after just one treatment. Other lasers can require up to 4 treatments to reach that cure rate. It is important to know what laser you will be treated with when it comes to toenail fungus as there can be a chance of reinfection. Our foot doctors will explain the preventative measures to avoid getting reinfected after laser treatment.

Why do people get infected with toenail fungus?

A fungus can be found in our everyday environment. People who wear closed-toe shoes are prone to getting a toenail fungus as a fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. Another common way people get infected is by walking barefoot in public, shared spaces. This includes, but is not limited to swimming pools, hot tubs, hot springs, locker rooms, gyms, and saunas. Another way people can get infected is by nail trauma. When your nail is injured it can create an entry point for fungal infections.

People also get infected by family and/or friends. When walking around your house barefoot and someone else has a toenail fungus infection. Most people who are infected with a toenail fungus are above the age of 50, as it is more common as you get older. This is because your immune system begins to weaken making you prone to more infections.

If you are experiencing a toenail fungus infection, call our Scottsdale office to schedule a free consultation with one of our foot doctors at Laser Nail Therapy.

Reactional Activities in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is known for its world-renowned, pro-level golf courses. Aside from the many golf courses, there are many hiking trails and scenic routes to explore. The Gateway Trailhead-McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a large, permanently protected, sustainable desert. It is the largest urban park in the United States. It has many hiking trails to go through with beautiful, scenic views of the desert area. You can also do horseback riding on some of the trails throughout Scottsdale.

Another fun activity is going on a hot-air balloon ride through the deserts of Scottsdale. Most people enjoy an amazing hot-air balloon rise in the early morning when the sun is rising. It is a must-try experience in Scottsdale.

Although Scottsdale is mostly desert, you can still do some water activities at the nearby lakes like Lake Pleasant and Saguaro Lake. These activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating.

There is truly a little bit of everything in Scottsdale and everyone can enjoy their time in Scottsdale. While visiting this fun city, make sure to visit our foot doctor in our Scottdale office if you have a toenail fungus infection.

How does the Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus work?

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is a newer treatment option for toenail fungus. It is the most effective and non-invasive treatment. Our nail doctors in Scottsdale use the PinPointe Foot Laser. It has a cure rate of eighty-five percent with just one treatment.

Our board-certified podiatrists will first debride your nails if they’re thick. They will trim and file down your nail to ensure the laser penetrates all the way through your nail bed. Afterward, they will perform the laser treatment. The laser uses a concentrated heat source that targets the fungus only. The laser is applied over the nails in a grid-like pattern to ensure the entire nail is covered. This will kill all the fungus that is present on your nail and your nail bed. It also doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. The laser beams are emitted in pulses to ensure the treatment won’t be painful. Most people feel a warming sensation when the treatment is performed.

Once the treatment is finished, our foot doctors will explain any necessary post-treatment care. Although all the fungus has been killed, there is always a chance for reinfection in the environment around you. It is important to follow all necessary post-treatment care to ensure the toenail fungus infection will not return. In some cases, some of our doctors will recommend more than one treatment. If that is your case, the follow-up treatments are given at a reduced rate.

Does Toenail Removal get rid of Toenail Fungus?

Some people believe that removing your entire nail will get rid of the toenail fungus infection. This is not the case. The toenail fungus infection is not just on your nail, it is also on your nail bed. If you do not treat your nail bed then the infection will not go away. When your new nail begins to grow, you will notice that it is still infected.

The nail bed has to be treated in order to get rid of your toenail fungus infection. Our foot doctors in Scottsdale recommend laser treatment as it has the highest cure rate on the market. It is also safe and pain-free. Consult with our board-certified podiatrists to learn more about laser treatment and how it can cure your toenail fungus infection.

When to visit Scottsdale

Scottsdale is in the very hot and dry state of Arizona. If you are thinking of visiting the great city of Scottsdale then you should definitely take reconsideration the climate there.

The best time to visit Scottsdale is during the late fall, from late September through November. Or in the early spring from March through early May. The weather is great for all activities that bring people to Scottsdale.

It is the best time to be out shopping in Old Town Scottsdale at all boutiques and restaurants. You can enjoy nature life by hiking through the many trails of Scottsdale and enjoying the scenic views it has to offer. And you can enjoy your time at the lakes near Scottsdale.

If you are planning your visit to Scottsdale make sure to go to our Scottsdale foot doctor if you are suffering from a toenail fungus infection. You can schedule a free consultation to find out more about curing your toenail fungus with laser treatment. Call us today at (800) 672-0625 for any additional questions or to schedule your free consultation.

Do Home Remedies cure your Toenail Fungus?

People will sometimes choose to try out home remedies first before seeking professional treatment. Most home remedies are not very effective as they are not supported by scientific findings. One of the more common home remedies is using tea tree oil. It is applied directly to the nail, like topical solutions. Although, the reason this might not be as effective is that it does not penetrate through the nail to the nail bed.

Another common home remedy is soaking your toes in apple cider vinegar. It has some antifungal properties. Some people believe if they soak their toes with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar for about 30 minutes daily that it will kill the toenail fungus causing the infection A reason this might not fully cure your toenail fungus infection is that the apple cider vinegar does not fully penetrate your nail bed. Therefore, not all the fungus dies and toenail fungus infection can continue to spread.

It is important to not try out everything found online as it can lead to other issues on your nails or even your feet. There are many remedies like this that people try out in an attempt to cure their toenail fungus. Most of these remedies work like topical solutions and have very low cure rates.

It is important to seek a professional diagnosis from a board-certified podiatrist. In our Scottsdale clinic, our podiatrists, who are foot doctors, are specialists in toenail fungus. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation at our Scottsdale location to see one of our foot doctors. 

Topical Treatments for Toenail Fungus

A very common treatment for toenail fungus is a topical treatment. These are typically creams or solutions applied directly to the nail and surrounding skin. Most people will first use topical solutions when tye discover they have a toenail fungus. Most people get these topical solutions over the counter as there is no prescription needed by a doctor.

Although, they are not very effective most of the time. They have a cure rate of about five to ten percent. This is because the topical treatment does not penetrate all the way through the nail. This means that not all the fungus has been eliminated and that it can still grow and spread to your other nails. Most people who use a topical treatment see little to no results when using them for an extended period of time.

It’s important to note that topical solutions may take several months to show any signs of improvement. Also, it may not be effective for severe cases of toenail fungus. If your toenail fungus does not improve after using topical solutions, you should consult a foot doctor at our Scottsdale clinic.

Is Oral Medication a Dangerous Treatment for Toenail Fungus?

Another treatment option for toenail fungus is oral medication. This treatment is more effective than topical treatments. It has a cure rate of about sixty percent, which is significantly higher than with topical solutions. The way that oral medications work is from the inside out, reaching the affected area through the bloodstream.

Although, there are a few risk factors when taking oral medication. While taking the medication, you could be at risk of liver toxicity. Also, while taking oral medications, you would need constant blood tests to ensure your liver levels are not toxic. It can be tedious for many people while taking the course of medication. It can also cause other health issues if you have any underlying health conditions.

Our nail doctors in our Scottsdale clinic do not recommend oral medication because it can be more harmful than helpful to people. It can be a risky medication to take and it could possibly not cure your toenail fungus infection. It is important to ensure you are not endangering yourself when receiving any type of treatment for toenail fungus. In some cases, a doctor will not be able to prescribe oral medication because the health risks are too great.

Baseball in Scottsdale

Baseball has been known as America’s favorite pass time and if you are a fan of baseball then you should definitely check out the MLB Spring Training. This is where various team from the MLB do their spring training before their season starts. Some of the teams who do their spring training in Scottsdale are the San Francisco Giants, the Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Many fans swing by to watch their favorite teams train for the upcoming season. It is a great pass time in Scottsdale and there are other events to attend around the area besides watching baseball.

There are many resorts and hotels to stay and enjoy your time in Scottsdale. It is a destination that many are adding to their traveling list. Make sure to visit our Scottsdale clinic if you have a toenail fungus. Our foot doctors will give the best treatment options for you.

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus in Scottsdale

In our Scottsdale Laser Nail Therapy clinics, our doctors offer laser treatment, which is the most effective and non-invasive treatment for toenail fungus. They use state-of-the-art laser technology to treat toenail fungus. Our doctors use the FDA-approved PinPointe Foot Laser. It has a cure rate of eighty-five percent after just one treatment. Most of our patients only need one treatment. The treatment is safe with no side effects. There is also pain involved with the treatment. Most patients say they feel a warming sensation when receiving the treatment.

After treatment, you can go about your daily activities. There is no downtime or recovery period. Our doctors might also recommend any necessary post-treatment care to ensure that you do not get re-infected. There are times when our nail doctors might recommend more than one treatment. If this were your case, any follow-up treatments are provided at a reduced rate.

How to Prepare for Laser Treatment

People often wonder if there is any specific preparation that you need before getting laser treatment for toenail fungus. There is not much you need to do. First, you would need to remove all nail polish from your nails. This is because the doctor will first examine your nails and determine if what you have is a toenail fungus infection. They can’t do that if there is nail polish on your nails.

Also, trim your nails if you are able to. If your nails have become thickened due to the toenail fungus infection then the doctor would be able to take care of that during the debridement, before performing laser treatment.

Lastly, make sure to bring a clean pair of socks if you wear closed-toed shoes. This is to ensure that you do not get reinfected after the laser treatment is performed as fungal spores can still be present in the socks you arrived in.

There is no other preparation needed besides having bare nails and attempting to trim your nails. The nail doctors will go over everything you need to know regarding the laser treatment during your consultation. They also will file down your nails before performing the laser treatment. They will trim and file down your nails to endure the laser that will penetrate through your nail bed to kill off the toenail fungus infection. 

Fun Indoor Activities in Scottsdale

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy while staying away from the Arizona heat. There is the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum is in the Old Town district of Scottsdale. It is dedicated to exhibiting modern art, design, and architecture. There is also various activities help in the museum year-round. You can also schedule tours of the museum with experts on the current art exhibitions at the museum.

Another fun activity would be visiting the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale. It is a marine aquarium and is the largest and newest aquarium in the Southwest U.S. The Odysea Aquarium has a theme park-style amusement with highly engaging presentations of aquatic life that anyone can enjoy. It is also the only museum with a Voyager experience where you sit in a stadium-seating style theatre with viewing windows of about 46 feet for the world’s first revolving aquarium experience. There are many great activities to enjoy while visiting Scottsdale.

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Remember to visit one of our Scottsdale clinics if you are interested in laser treatment for toenail fungus. We are open every day from 9 am-9 pm for scheduling. Our board-certified podiatrists provide the best treatment to all our patients and have cured hundred of toenail fungus infections. Feel free to call us for more information regarding laser treatment and to schedule a free consultation today at (800) 672-0625.

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