Toenail fungus specialists in Philadelphia are nail doctors. It is important to go see a nail doctor. You need to have all the necessary information before deciding on the best treatment option. In our clinics, you can schedule a consultation to first speak with a nail specialist. After the doctor evaluates you, they will explain what treatment options would be best for you.

Common Symptoms

Here are some of the most common toenail fungus symptoms.

  • Discoloration
    • Yellowing is the most common one. Also, it does not necessarily have to be your entire nail discolored
    • Other discolorations can include white streaks on your nail
    • In severe cases, the nail can become a brown or black color
  • Brittleness of toenails
    • Your nails can become brittle
    • They begin to crack or break
  • The thickness of the toenails
    • Many people develop a thickness of the nail
    • As a result, makes it hard to trim and maintain your nails
  • Nail Traumas
    • If you injured your nail, it can lead to a toenail fungus

Fungus Toenails Treatment

Laser Treatment for a Toenail Fungus in Philadelphia

Toenail fungus treatments in Philadelphia can vary. If you have caught nail fungus, it can be easily treated using the FDA-approved PinPointe laser, which typically only takes one treatment. Other treatments like topical solutions and oral medication are not as effective. Topical solutions have a very low cure rate. This is because the solution does not penetrate all the way through the nail bed.  This is because it can lead to liver toxicity. You would need to have consistent blood tests throughout the course of taking the medication. 

Our nail doctor in Philadelphia, PA recommends this treatment for toenail fungus. The PinPointe Laser treatment has the highest cure rate in the market. It has no side effects and no recovery period. As a result, you can go about your daily activities right after the treatment. Also, there’s no pain.

If you have any signs of nail fungus, call us at 800-672-0625 at our Philadelphia, PA location, or visit our website for more information on our doctors at one of our over 150 locations.