15 09 / 2021

Podiatrist Treatments for Nail Fungus

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Podiatrist treatments for nail fungus include laser treatment and topical solutions. Each treatment works differently. Although there may seem like a lot of options, they are not all as effective. Our podiatrists give the best recommendation when you come in for a consultation. Podiatrists A podiatrist can diagnose and treat a variety of foot problems, [...]

15 09 / 2021

what does Toenail Fungus look like?

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What does toenail fungus look like? Is it possible that I have toenail fungus? Those are the two questions that I've asked myself on multiple occasions. It is important to understand what nail fungus looks like and what causes it. This way you will know if you have it and how to treat it. What [...]

15 09 / 2021

Getting rid of smelly toenails

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Getting rid of smelly toenails might be more difficult for some people. Smelly toenails are usually associated with sweaty feet and poor hygiene. The smell that would usually go away with a thorough wash for most is not the case for others. In some cases, the foul smell may have a medical cause. The discolored [...]

14 09 / 2021

Toenail Fungus Removal

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Toenail fungus removal is not considered a good treatment option for toenail fungus. People might think that removing the toenail might get rid of toenail fungus but it is not that simple. Toenail removal does not kill fungus. This is why our nail doctors do not recommend toenail removal for toenail fungus. Our nail doctors [...]