Finding treatment for toenail fungus in Chicago, IL should not be a daunting task. Continue reading this blog to discover how to identify fungus and the most effective treatment methods.

Toenail fungus can be difficult to detect in its early stages, appearing as a small white or yellow spot beneath the toenail tip. The initial signs of the infection may be subtle. Unfortunately, most individuals remain unaware of it until their toenails become distorted and thickened.

Common Symptoms of toenail fungus :

  • Thick Toenails
  • Discolored Toenails
  • Flaky Toenails
  • Toenails That disconnect from the nail bed

Should you encounter any of the aforementioned symptoms, don’t delay in booking a consultation with one of our physicians to discuss potential treatments.

how likely are you to get toenail fungus in Brooklyn, NY?

Can Toenail Fungus cause pain? 

Toenail fungus infections may not cause any immediate pain or discomfort, but leaving them untreated can have serious consequences. Over time, the nails can thicken significantly, making it uncomfortable to wear shoes and walk. In severe cases, the nails can even become deformed, leading to further complications.

Apart from being uncomfortable, fungal nail infections can also cause the nails to lift off the nail bed. This creates a gap where bacteria can start growing, leading to additional infections that are often painful and emit a foul odor.

Suppose you are experiencing toenail pain or an unpleasant odor despite taking proper hygiene measures. In that case, it is crucial to schedule a visit with Laser Nail Therapy for a thorough examination of your condition. Delaying treatment can cause the infection to spread to other nails, leading to further discomfort and possible complications.

Our skilled physicians at Laser Nail Therapy offer safe and effective laser treatments for toenail fungus. Book an appointment today to start your journey toward healthy, clear nails!

Toenail fungus treatment options

Various treatment options exist for toenail fungus, including oral medications, topicals, and lasers. However, oral medication carries the risk of several side effects, and topicals often struggle to penetrate the nail sufficiently to eliminate the fungus.

In contrast, laser treatment for toenail fungus can effectively target the infection by penetrating the nail with heat. Unlike oral medications, laser treatments are non-invasive and have no adverse side effects. Additionally, the laser treatment is completely painless and does not damage healthy tissue.

Our laser treatment for toenail fungus takes only 20 to 30 minutes, during which patients experience a gentle warming sensation focused on the affected area, but no pain. The laser light effectively heats and destroys the fungus and its spores while preserving healthy tissue. Patients can return to their usual activities immediately following the treatment.

At Laser Nail Therapy, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to provide safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment options for all types of toenail fungus. Book an appointment with us today to get started on the path towards healthy and beautiful nails!

Toenail Fungus FAQs

Which demographic is at a higher risk of developing toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is a common condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. While the fungus can be contracted through a variety of means, one common way is by walking barefoot in public showers or locker rooms. However, not everyone who comes into contact with toenail fungus will develop the infection. Individuals with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to toenail fungus, including those who suffer from diabetes, AIDS, cancer, and who take immunosuppressive medications such as steroids.

Athletes are more prone to toenail fungus due to frequent exposure to moist environments and repeated trauma to the nail during workouts, weakening the nail and creating an opportunity for the fungus to thrive.

Additionally, elderly individuals are more likely to develop toenail fungus due to an overall weakened immune system associated with aging. It is important to seek treatment for toenail fungus as soon as possible to prevent further complications, including pain and discomfort when walking, and the possibility of the fungus spreading to other nails or areas of the body.

Is it possible to contract toenail fungus from a pedicure?

Toenail fungus can be contracted from nail salons if proper hygiene and sanitary conditions are not maintained. Fungi can easily accumulate in the cracks and crevices of basins and equipment, and if not properly cleaned, can be easily transferred from one customer to another.

As a customer, it is important to be vigilant and only frequent salons that uphold strict cleaning regimens to reduce the chances of toenail fungus being contracted. It is also advisable to avoid salons that lack good sanitation practices altogether. By taking these simple precautions, customers can greatly reduce their risk of contracting toenail fungus from a nail salon.

Artificial Nails cause Nail Fungus

Can toenail fungus spread from one person to another?

Toenail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis, is a highly contagious infection that can easily spread from one person to another. Those who have this condition are at a higher risk of transmitting the fungus to others. It’s important to note that even after successful treatment, there is still a risk of re-infection. To prevent the recurrence of toenail fungus, we suggest taking some basic precautions such as using anti-fungal sprays for both feet and shoes, keeping feet clean and dry, and changing socks on a daily basis.

Can my toenails grow back once the fungus is treated?

Following the treatment, you can anticipate the natural growth of your toenail to replace the fungal nail with a healthy one.

Can toenail fungus be eliminated without treatment?

Generally, toenail fungus cannot be expected to resolve itself spontaneously and necessitates some form of treatment to effectively eliminate it.

PinPointe Laser Therapy for Toenail Fungus

If you have toenail fungus, it’s important to know that not all treatments are created equal. While some topical solutions and oral medications may provide some relief, they often have a low cure rate and can come with unwanted side effects. For instance, topical solutions may not penetrate the nail bed thoroughly, while oral medication can lead to liver toxicity and require consistent blood tests throughout treatment.

Thankfully, there is a highly effective and FDA-approved alternative: the PinPointe laser. This advanced treatment can typically eliminate toenail fungus in just one session, without any side effects or recovery time. At our Chicago, IL location, our nail doctor highly recommends the PinPointe laser for its high cure rate and pain-free, non-invasive nature.

If you’re experiencing any signs of toenail fungus, such as thick, discolored, or brittle nails, we invite you to call us at 800-672-0625 or visit our website to learn more about our doctors and over 150 locations. With our state-of-the-art treatments and expert care, you can finally say goodbye to toenail fungus for good.